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This is a podcast that is a frank discussion about how we communicate and learn about sex and how it affects our lives. Each week, (hopefully) I bring on a new guest to talk about how their lives are affected by sex and sexuality. I talk to friends and strangers. People who like sex and people who don't like sex. I talk to parents and ask them how they teach or intend to teach their kids about sex. I talk to writers of erotica and sexual subjects. You will find a wide range of discussion on this podcast and I hope you will enjoy and share it with your friends and families.

Jul 30, 2014

Both of my scheduled conversations got postponed this week. So, instead, I talk about a book of erotica I read called "Never Say Never" by Alison Tyler. It offers "tips, tricks and erotic inspirations for couples."


I love this book and I think you will too! Alison offers thoughts on 16 different sexual kinks from exhibitionism to soft swapping (and more) and then gives you 16 short stories of erotica – one for each kink. She has a very flirtatious way of writing and drawing you into her imagination. I really enjoyed this book and I look forward to having her as a guest on the podcast very soon.