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This is a podcast that is a frank discussion about how we communicate and learn about sex and how it affects our lives. Each week, (hopefully) I bring on a new guest to talk about how their lives are affected by sex and sexuality. I talk to friends and strangers. People who like sex and people who don't like sex. I talk to parents and ask them how they teach or intend to teach their kids about sex. I talk to writers of erotica and sexual subjects. You will find a wide range of discussion on this podcast and I hope you will enjoy and share it with your friends and families.

Apr 27, 2015

This is truly a conversation with two guys drinking beer and shooting the shit about sex except that the only one drinking is Peter…I just sound like I'm a drunken school kid laughing at all of his jokes.

Peter and I discuss drunken sex. “Drunk sex ends up, for me, being fooling around naked, messing around with each others bodies until we both pass out and then we wake up in the morning and have morning sex.”

We also ask how many people it takes to make up an orgy. "Is five considered an orgy?" Then Peter tells me he always believes in pillow talk…except when he doesn't.