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This is a podcast that is a frank discussion about how we communicate and learn about sex and how it affects our lives. Each week, (hopefully) I bring on a new guest to talk about how their lives are affected by sex and sexuality. I talk to friends and strangers. People who like sex and people who don't like sex. I talk to parents and ask them how they teach or intend to teach their kids about sex. I talk to writers of erotica and sexual subjects. You will find a wide range of discussion on this podcast and I hope you will enjoy and share it with your friends and families.

Jun 19, 2017

I met Anne Hodder through Elle Chase, who was on the podcast last year. Anne Hodder, ACS, is a multi-certified sex educator endorsed by the renowned San Francisco Sex Information program and the American College of Sexologists International. She is the sex ed teacher you wish you'd had in high school.


We talk about how she taught herself about sex; household items as sex toys; her sex-positive PR firm; her sex workshops; men and emotions; and “69.”